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Dr Mallappa Bellakki

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Narayana Rao K

Professor Pedology and fertility... View Profile

Dr Shankaragouda Balanagoudar

Associate Professor Soil physics, soil chemistry, soil technology... View Profile

Mr Rangappa Beladhadi

Associate Professor Nutritional Biochemistry, Microbial enzymes... View Profile

Dr Sharan Bhoopal Reddy

Assistant Professor Soil humic substances, nutrient management and gre... View Profile

Dr Saroja Narsing Rao

Assistant Professor Nineteen years... View Profile

Dr Kumari Triveni Inganakal

Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology... View Profile

Dr Veeresh Hogarnal

Assistant Professor Soil fertility, Problemantic soils... View Profile

Dr Anand Naik

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Shreenivas B V

Assistant Professor Nutrient Management... View Profile

Dr Saroja Narsing Rao

Assistant Professor Metallo enzymes, Structural Biology, Gene editing,... View Profile

Dr Lakshmikanth Mariyanna

Assistant Professor Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Enzymology, Recom... View Profile

Dr Rajesh N L

Assistant Professor Soil Pedology, Land Resource Inventory, Soil Fert... View Profile

Dr Basavara. K Channappa

Assistant Professor Soil Science and Agril.Chemsitry... View Profile

Dr Ravi M.V

Assistant Professor Soil Science... View Profile

Dr Rudramurthy H.V.

Assistant Professor Pedology, soil quality... View Profile

Dr Manjunatha Bhanuvally

Assistant Professor Crop Protection... View Profile

Dr Srikanth Barkeer

Assistant Professor Biochemical methods, Cellular and Molecular Biolog... View Profile

Dr Sreepad N Bhat

Assistant Professor Soil chemistry/fertility... View Profile

Dr Ravi S

Scientist Expert in soil chemistry... View Profile